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Okay, sure, you could send me money through PayPal or Amazon or buy me books from my Amazon wishlist if you wanted to. After all, money helps pay the web hosting fees. Books help me educate myself or relax. But, after all, you came here for free scripts, so maybe you don't have money. Not to worry! Here are some other things you can do to show your support for this site:

Who are the local rodent breeders, shelters, vets, pet-shops or pet sitters in your area that you have delt with? Check to see if they are listed in the International Rodentfancy Directory. If they are, add some feedback to their listing.... If they are not listed- add them!

Report errors, dead links, etc! If you find a problem, let me know about it so I can fix it!

Send me something cool involving rodents- maybe you found a postcard with a guinea pig on it, or a sheet of mouse stickers. Newspaper clippings about rodents in the news, or video tapes of shows or news features of rodent events. Want to get rid of old newsletters, magazines or handbooks for a rodent-related club, those are welcomed too! If you send a clipping or video, be sure it includes credit to where it was from (stories in other languages are welcome, I know a few other languages and know many others who can help translate languages I've yet to learn. I *love* to see things from other places and to collect rodent-related things- I have curios and scrap books full of this stuff and always am looking for more! Oh yeah, one more, thing, besides rodents, I also love cats and chickens! To send me stuff, mail to: A. Gangi, Care Of: RMFE, 122 South Cass Ave #C, Westmont Illinois, 60559.

Write an article about rodents! I am always looking to add content to the website and for the RMFE's magazine. Anything from a short product reveiw (pet treat or toy etc.), to a full length article (genetics, pet care, health issues, how to build a cage etc.). All material will include credit to the author (you can include a web site link, rodentry info etc.). Full length articles included in the magazine include a free copy sent toyou, so include your mailing address.

Send art or photos for the website or magazine... Clear photos are needed for the website -= especially photos that clearly show standard marking patterns, colours, etc of animals. Also, images showing animal behavior, cage designs, etc are wanted. Artwork is welcomed but considered primarily for the RMFE magazine.

Take the opportunity to do something nice for others. Volunteer for a charity, tell your family or friends how much they mean to you. Hold the door open for someone at the store. Its a small effort to do something nice- and if everyone makes the effort, the world will be that much more a pleasant place.