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the International Rat and Mouse Directory (IRMD)

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Your comments, questions and suggestions are appreciated! Before proceeding, please consider if one of the following answers your question or is an avenue to have your question answered:

  • For Questions on Health, behavior, breeding or genetics of a species, please EXPLORE THIS WEBSITE FIRST! If you can't find the answer here or have further questions after finding it, please post your question in the RodentFancy Forum. This way, many people can contibute ideas and information. If you need IMMEDIATE help, you can look for us online with AOL IM names "myomorpha" or "ffirebirds" or YAHOO pager "myomorpha". PLEASE use this only for questions that need immediate help (like: Help! My rat is choking, what do I do???)

  • Comments on Spelling, I sometimes get emails about spelling on the site. I am already aware of the spelling issues. Please understand this site is created entirely by ONE PERSON (an incredibly HUGE job! The sites frequently updated and fluquates around 10 - 15 megs). And this one person happens to have neurological disabilities that make translating thoughts (pictures) to language (words) to muscular actions (typing, handwriting) VERY DIFFICULT. There is no spell checker for the web browerser and notepad or programs the pages are created in and its not possible at this time to hire someone to check. Its more important to me and to most people who write to me also, that I work on updating the genetics information or health information or to maintain the message boards etc than to worry about spelling. However, when there is occassionally time to do so, I will be trying to manually check/correct soem of these pages now that the site is on the new server. Be patient though! Spell checking priority always goes to print publications first, then the most important pages online and then everythign else.

  • For Questions about a section of this site (for example, about rodents in Myomorha rodentry or Products sold by Pet Nouveau) please go to that particular section and then look for the contact/email page there. Please do not use this page! This page is for general feedback reguarding as a whole or for technical issues involving the site.

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Thank you very much. Please note, I personally read ALL emails, but do not necissarily have time to reply to all emails personally.

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